5 Top Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Looking Spotless

Keeping Your Carpet Looking Spotless

Keeping Your Carpet Looking SpotlessHave you ever wondered why some people keep their carpet clean and looking like they’ve just come out of the showroom, while with three kids and a couple of pets, yours is a battle ground of grime, odours and spilled drinks? Well it’s simple! They believe in the age old philosophy of prevention being better than cure. Understandably, you’re probably thinking that with 3 young children and a hyperactive pooch in tow, that just isn’t possible, but by making some simple changes you’ll not only save yourself a ton of money on professional cleaning bills, but your carpet will last much longer too. Here are some simple but top tips!

The no shoe rule

This one rule can certainly make a huge difference so it is worth enforcing. The trouble is that we often start off with good intentions but end up lapsing. Before we know it everyone is walking around on our nice clean and fresh carpet with grimy, muddy shoes. Eek! All you’ve got to do is to enforce the rule and you’ll be surprised at how much cleaner your carpet remains.

Avoid food

Okay so this rule may be harder to enforce especially if you have kids but remember this – food particles, along with drink spills and pets are your carpet’s worst nightmare, so just like the no shoe rule, make a stand and your carpet will love you forever.

Don’t let dust build up

The problem with carpets are that more often than not, you can’t see the dust particles that are built up within. However, dust and foods particles get crushed down into the fibres and as the layers build up, they can act just like sandpaper when you walk on them. As a result it can wear and break down the fibres within your carpet causing that lovely deep, soft pile to become as flat as a pancake. The best way to get round this problem is to vacuum at least once a week and sometimes more. Even if you think it doesn’t need doing, your carpet will thank you for it.

Remove any stains right away

We are all prone to the odd acci犀利士
dent or two. It’s so easy to get over enthusiastic with a can of beer when the beloved ‘Lions’ score a goal, or the horse that you backed has just won the glamorous Magic Millions event. However, surprisingly, it isn’t the spill itself that causes damage to the carpet, it’s the time it’s left there. If allowed to penetrate right in to the carpet it could prove very difficult to shift and can then become a magnet to all kinds of dust and dirt particles. Before you know it, you have one big, ugly dark stain. So if you do make a spill, then blot it up gently and then go over it with a mild soap detergent.

Call in the professionals

In order to keep your carpet looking in absolute tip top condition then you should get your carpet professionally cleaned once or twice a year. They have the equipment and the skills to get your carpet back to showroom conditions in no time at all.

So there you have it! 5 top tips for keeping your carpet looking like new.

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