4 Ways to Maintain Your Tiles

4 Ways to Maintain Your Tiles

Whether it’s a gleaming glossy sheen or sophisticated matte finish, a tiled floor perfectly combines style with function. Durable and stain-resistant, floor tiles are a practical choice for any busy domestic home, in fact some rental properties and high traffic areas such as commercial properties considered tiles as a great choice for flooring.

Floor tiles are designed to last since it’s already an extremely hard-wearing flooring material. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show your tiled floor some love and care. Here’s our top 4 tips for taking care of your floor tiles.

Clean Tiles Regularly – This is the easiest and fastest way to maintain your tile flooring. Use a vacuum or a dust mop to remove daily dust and dirt before it set in permanently in your tile and grout. Dry your floor right after damp mopping to avoid new dirt from settling into the wet area, as well as to prevent accidents

Pay Attention to the Grout – Don’t forget to clean your grout. If not sealed correctly, the grout can soak up stains and leave your tiled flooring looking less than pleasant. Although there are stain resistant grouts available in store to help with this, but regular cleaning will still be necessary to maintain long lasting tiles.

Use Doormats – Similar to carpets, tiles can also receive dirt from high foot traffic areas. You can minimise the dirt coming in your house by placing doormats on your entrance. If you have tiled bathroom, use a bath mat to keep your flooring dry.

Deep Clean Your Tiles – Proper maintenance extends the life of your tiles and keeps your home looking its best.We in Carpet Cleaning Kings have highly-trained professional tile cleaners that can carry out the job using specialised cleaning solutions, equipment, and tools. They’ll identify the material used for your tiles and be able to select the appropriate cleaning solutions and method to clean your tiles and grout without doing damage.

Call us today at 1300 7000 75 and give your tile flooring some sparkle and shine just like new.

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