Keep your home ventilated

Carpet mould is horrible mess and it is the perfect place to trap and hide mould. While these mildew on hard surfaces such as tile are easy to remove, getting mould out of carpet fibers and underlay can be a difficult and tough task. To make matters worse, mold often appears first on the carpet underlay where it is not seen until it is too late.

If you notice your carpet is damp, or there is a musty smell has developed, it may be time to uncover a portion of your carpet and do some further investigation. Any case of discouloration or odour on your carpet’s surface that seems to be mildew-like, it might be a sign that mould is present.

It is essential to act immediately as soon as you have detected that there is mould lurking in your carpets. However, most of us don’t want to wait for these to happen when you can prevent your carpets having mildew. Below are some ways that will keep you one step ahead of mould:

  • Keep your home ventilated – by opening windows and doors as needed, it is the easiest way to reduce moisture in your home. Using a portable dehumidifier can also lower humidity in an enclosed area. To maintain a mould-free carpet, 65% or lower is the ideal humidity level.
  • Clean spills and floods immediately – it takes only 1-2 days for a mould to grow on a wet carpet. You can avoid this by immediately addressing the water as soon as the spill, leak or flood occurs
  • Make vacuuming a habit – having your carpets vacuumed will remove mould bacteria and will prevent from taking root and growing. We recommend to vacuum your carpets weekly.
  • Call-in the Professional – if worst case scenario occur, ask help from professional. Here at Carpet Cleaning Kings, we have skilled and experience technicians who can help you get rid of the mould from the carpets. Our HEPA vacuum can remove as many mildew spores as possible. We also steam clean the carpets which multiple studies found that the heat of a systematic steam cleaning is one of the most effective ways to kill mould.

If you worry about having mould in your carpets and don’t know where to start or what to do then Carpet Cleaning Kings is here to assist. Just give us a call on 1300 7000 75 to request a free quote or make an appointment.

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