3 Top Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Looking Great

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Clean Carpet 1There’s nothing worse than a once pristine white carpet that’s turned a nasty shade of beige, or a gorgeous shag pile that has more spots on it than your average family dalmatian. The fact of the matter is that a dirty carpet portrays a false reflection of you, your home or your business and besides, you’ve got to live with it every single day. With this in mind, if you want to keep your carpet looking like new, then follow these three top tips and you’ll never be ashamed of your carpet again.

Vacuum regularly

This first tip is simple. By vacuuming regularly you’ll prevent much of the dirt and dust from penetrating down into the fibres. Vacuuming will also remove dry soils that you probably can’t see. Aside from being invisible, they’re also abrasive and sharp and are likely to cause damage to your carpet fibres. How often you vacuum depends upon the amount of use your carpet gets and should be somewhere between once or twice a week or every day.

Say no to over-the-counter carpet stain cleaners

If you do happen to have a stain or spot on your carpet, then you really don’t want to be buying over-the-counter stain removal products. This is irrespective of how great they appear on TV adverts. Why? Simply because the majority of them contain detergent. If you apply this to your carpet some of the detergent will be left behind, no matter how much you try to get it off. Detergent, is sticky by nature and will over time attract it’s own harem of dust and dander, eventually leaving you with more brown spots similar to the ones you were trying to eradicate in the first place. How annoying is that!

Instead you’d be better using a solution of white wine vinegar and water. The vinegar is a natural cleaning agent and won’t leave any residue on your carpet while the water dilutes it down so it won’t damage your carpet fibres.

Speak to the pros

The third and final tip is to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year. Even if your carpet looks clean, there’s still likely to be a wealth of dust and dander lurking deep down in the pile. Therefore the only way to get it really clean is to speak to a professional carpet cleaning company. They’ll have the relative experience and the equipment to keep your carpet looking and feeling like new.

If you need any further information on how to keep your carpet clean or to book a carpet clean with us, then contact Carpet Cleaning Kings on 1300 7000 75. Put us to the test and give your carpet a treat today!

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