3 Carpet Cleaning Tips You Really Should Know Before You Attempt To DIY

DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips

DIY Carpet Cleaning TipsArguably one of the most neglected aspects of our homes areour carpets. We stand all over them, walk across them, and in the case of kids, crawl all over them. Of course, carpets are designed to take such abuse but it’s nice on occasions to give some love back to your carpet by giving it a thorough clean. Sure, you can hire a professional carpet cleaning company such as Carpet Cleaning Kings to do this for you,however others tend to opt for the DIY method. That’s okay, but if you do decide to DIY, it’s important to follow these three simple points.

Know the material of your carpet

The first thing to notice about carpet is that it’s not created the same. Now in general terms that’s a good thing otherwise we wouldn’t get all those different types of carpets that we know and love in our homes. However when it comes to cleaning them, then that’s a different matter. The important thing to note is that some fibres are more sensitive than others so if you use strong chemicals, too much water, or just plain scrub to hard, it can cause irreparable damage such as marking, fading or even carpet shrinkage. Remember if in doubt, seek advice.

Changing air filters

Carpets are a huge attraction for dust and dirt particles which can collect deep within the carpet fibres. Over time these can be ground in when walked over thus compressing them further. As they’re compressed they act like pieces of sandpaper and can wear away fibres easily, giving your carpet a flat look. The simple act of regularly changing your filters in HVAC and air purifying systems will ensure that most of the particles are picked up before they have a chance to spill onto your carpet.

Clean spots fast

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable and when they do you need to act fast. The longer the delay the higher the probability of the stain penetrating further into your carpet, thus making it more difficult to remove. Remember blot (not scrub) the area to remove the vast majority of the stain or spill, then spray with a light vinegar/water solution to clean the area. Blot again with some dry paper towel and repeat if necessary.

Vacuum regularly

Even though vacuuming won’t shift particles that have penetrated deep down into your carpet fibres, regular vacuuming will ensure any recent dust, dirt, or grime doesn’t hang around too long making it easier to remove. So how often should you vacuum your carpets? This depends on the amount of use it gets. For example, carpet that experiences heavy traffic like a hotel foyer or busy office should be vacuumed once a day to achieve best results. The same goes for a home carpet that gets walked over by pets and children. On the other end of the scale – a room that’s barely used will probably only need vacuuming every few weeks. In the main you should be looking at reaching for the vacuum cleaner anywhere between 1 and 5 times a week for best results.

So there you have it! How to keep your carpet looking like new for longer. If you would like to return your rug or carpet to its former glory then you might want to call in Carpet Cleaning Kings. We’ve been in the industry for many years and our experience coupled with the latest equipment ensures that when we’ve finished your carpet is deep down clean. Contact us on 1300 7000 75 for a free no-obligation quote and take the first steps towards prolonging the life of your carpet.

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