Vinyl Strip and Seal

vinyl strip and seal

Vinyl and terrazzo floors are coated with a sealant that provides protection against scratches and general wear, while also aides with cleaning and maintenance processes.

Over time, due to constant traffic, the sealant wears thin, and the floored area needs to be resurfaced.

The process of strip and sealing is the removing of the old sealer and applying new coats of sealer to the floor in several layers.

The purpose of the sealer is to safeguard the floor against scratches. We use safe, superior quality and fast-acting floor stripping solutions that are specifically designed for the removal of floor polishes and sealers from vinyl and terrazzo floors.

How often do I need to have my floor stripped and sealed?

The period in which a floor should be stripped and sealed depends on the area and how it is used. Commercial floors will usually require resealing every year or two, while with residential floors, it’s good to have them sealed every 3-10 years depending on foot traffic and use. It also depends on the quality of the sealer that is used and the way it has been applied. If you have the procedure professionally done, you will get the most out of it and be saving time and money.

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There are three service options that we recommend for Vinyl strip and sealing of your floors. When considering the below services & quoted pricing we ask that you, please remember that quality last longer than the price, thank you

Gold Service

Gold Service

Gold Service is our preferred & recomm- ended service: this service offers the best long term result providing eight coats of quality sealer which will assist to preserve the vinyl floor for longer

CostCost: $15.00 per m²


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Silver Service

Silver Service

Silver Service is an alternative service: this service offers a great result providing five coats of quality sealer which will assist to preserve the vinyl floor.

CostCost: $12.00 per m²


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Bronze Service

Bronze Service

Bronze Service is a basic service: this service provides a good result offering three coats of quality sealer which will assist to preserve the vinyl floor.

CostCost: $10.00 per m²


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Our Vinyl Cleaning & Sealing Process


Allow our technicians to adequately assess the condition and tile type before performing any cleaning. This will ensure the most accurate and efficient method and chemicals are used. Our technicians will make a note of all challenging areas and set your expectations as well as come up with a solution for each area.


Area Preparation
Please speak to our team upon booking about your desired plan for the cleaning process. Furniture will be shifted as required. We will tape up any areas that will be affected by the sealer.
area preparation vinyl cleaning


Dry Soil Removal
Our technicians thoroughly sweep and vacuum the entire area, maximising the results we obtain. As in any cleaning process, dry soil removal is the most important.
hard surfce cleaning floors


Stripping the floor
The stripper solution is applied onto the floor allowing sufficient time to soften the seal or polish. Once complete the stripper is extracted with an extraction machine.
Note# if the vinyl is in horrible shape you may require our heavy-duty service option.
floor stripping process


The floor is scrubbed to remove the old layer(s) of sealer using a slow speed polisher and stripping pad.
floor stripping agitation


Cleaning, Neutralising and Drying
The surface is then cleaned, “neutralised” (with a solution containing a PH neutralising additive) and dried with centrifugal air movers.
microfiber wet dry mop floors clean


A high-quality sealer is applied in layers (minimum three layers) We recommend eight layers of sealer as this will last much longer before having to reseal the floor.
floor sealer

Additional Services Available

Heavy Duty Cleaning

If the Vinyl is in dire straits, a heavy duty clean may be required. We will use a much more potent stripper and must agitate the floor for a much longer period; sometimes this will need to be done twice.

CostCost: $2.00 per m²


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Buffing of the Floor

floor buffing

Floor buffing uses a buffer to polish floors. While the floor should be cleaned before buffing, the squeegees in the back of a buffer help gather any dirt and moisture that are left behind. While buffing does restore some gloss and smoothness to floors, it does not achieve the same wet-look shine that burnishing does.

CostCost: $3.50 per m²


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Floor Burnishing

burnishing a floor

Burnishing refers only to polishing the floors at a higher speed to produce maximum shine. The extra shine is due to the burnisher’s much higher speed, which can run from 1,500 to 2,500 revolutions per minute. Burnishing is often done after buffing to achieve that wet-look shine.

CostCost: $4.00 per m²


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