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If you’ve been having trouble locating a decent cleaning company in Ransome then the good news is that your search is over. Carpet Cleaning Kings has in the 25 years that they’ve been operating built up a formidable reputation in Brisbane as being reliable, competent and fairly priced and the good news is that we are now accepting enquiries from homeowners and businesses in Ransome.

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Professional and thorough carpet cleaning service

Carpets aren’t always that easy to clean since they contain a variety of fibres and can be damaged if handled incorrectly. Our experienced technicians are all experts in their own right and know all about carpets and how to clean them to get the very best results. We use a combination of eco-friendly cleaning products and superior cleaning equipment to deliver outstanding results every time. Portable or truck-mounted units are used to propel hot water at pressure into the carpet which not only removes surface dust and grime but penetrates deep into the base of the carpet removing allergens, fungus, bacteria and dust mites, which if left in place can cause respiratory problems. Powerful vacuums remove most of the excess water so that your carpet dries quickly and naturally without too much disruption to your office or home. The end result is a carpet that not only looks clean but really IS clean.

All sizes of jobs considered

We value all of our customers and treat each job with the same level of care and respect. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to have hall carpet and stairs cleaned or you’re a hotel complex looking to place all of your carpets on a cleaning and maintenance program, then we can handle it. Quite literally no job is too big or too small.

In case you have other cleaning requirements we can also provide the following services:

If you’re in need of carpet cleaning in Ransome or would like more information on any of our services then just give us a call on 1300 7000 75. Our friendly staff are waiting to assist.

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Carpet Cleaning Kings is an Australian owned and established residential and commercial carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, hard surface cleaning and pest management company. We strive to deliver a quality of service that exceeds all customers’ expectations. We began in Brisbane and can now proudly service the Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan City, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Adelaide areas. It is our superior service levels that set up apart from our competitors. We are passionate about every project, and place enormous importance on the following:

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