Leather Lounge / Sofa / Ottoman Cleaning Service

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We sit in our lounge chairs / couches every day yet very rarely are they cleaned. Overtime body oils, perspiration, skin acids and soiling will work into your leather furnishings if not cleaned on a regular basis. The leather will eventually crack and dry out. Regularly scheduled cleaning and conditioning of your leather furnishings will maintain them in prime condition and extend their lifetime. Treat your favourite couch to a make-over, and keep it looking like new.

CostCost: Light Soiling $50/each seat


Average Soiled:$60/each seat
Heavily Soiled:$70/each seat


Our Leather Lounge/Sofa/Ottoman Cleaning Process


Pre-Inspection of Leather
When we arrive at your home, our trained technicians will give a professional assessment of your leather to determine what is the type of leather and how to best clean it. We will take note if the coating is intact. If the surface has been broken because of accumulation of dirt and by soiling, then it will have to be stripped, re-coloured and resealed.
pre-inspection leather cleaning


A cleaning agent is applied to the leather upholstery which assists breaking down the oils which accumulate from our skin and even the oil from your pets’ fur.
leather cleaning and conditioning


Hand Scrubbing
Hand Scrub, to give your upholstery the best clean, we hand scrub the fabric with a horse hair brush or microfiber glove designed primarily for cleaning upholstery.
leather cleaning hand scrubbing


Microfiber cloth and a water-based solution is used to take away all the soil from leather.
leather cleaning rinsing


Once the cleaning is complete, we will apply Leather Protection Cream to provide a protective coating on the leather.
leather cleaning conditioning service
   We offer prompt, professional service.
   We have invested heavily back into our business and have the very best of carpet cleaning equipment available.
   All technicians are trained on a weekly basis by the Australian Cleaning and Restoration Academy.
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   We offer free deodorising with all commercial carpet cleaning work.
   After Hours Service, available upon Request!
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