Booking Information

Do you offer a guarantee?

We do offer a guarantee with our carpet cleaning. If you are not completely satisfied, we will return at no charge to satisfy you. If you are still unsatisfied, we will honour our money back guarantee.

The only reason we can make such an offer is that we believe in our service. Our equipment is unique, and our processes are unsurpassable. Additionally, we select only the type of personnel you would invite into your home or business, and train them to be experts in their field. So, relax; we gladly accept responsibility for your furnishings when we are your guest. Our priority is to serve you well ALWAYS!

How far in advance do I need to book?

We will do our best to fit you in on the day and at the time that is your preference where possible. To avoid disappointment, we recommend booking a week in advance; however, we can usually make room for late bookings should this be required.

Are you able to pick up keys?

We can collect keys from your agency depending if is within 5 km’s of the job. The charge for this is $10 for pickup and $10 for drop-off. Further distances can be arranged for an additional surcharge

Do I need to be present for the appointment?

It is not a requirement that you be present for the appointment provided we can get access to the property and the account has been paid. Many clients feel perfectly comfortable leaving cleaning professionals unattended while they work or run errands. Some clients leave the door open for us; others leave a key in their secret spot or have a friend, neighbour or relative give entry to the cleaners. Carpet Cleaning Kings will do what we can to make the process as easy as possible.

What are your payment options?

We accept credit card, cash, and direct debit payments.

Will, I be charged a cancellation fee if I cancel my booking?

We will not charge a cancellation fee if we have sufficient notice, generally the day before. We will charge a cancellation fee if you cancel when our technician is on route to your premises or if you cancel on our arrival. Our cancellation fee in this instance is $40.

Are there any hidden costs?

The quote we give you is based on the information given. All our costs are outlined on our website in full detail. Essentially there are no hidden costs; however, we stress that you give us all relevant information to ensure the correct quote. If our technician has any suggestions, you may wish to include with your service this will be discussed at the beginning of the job.

What is your complaints policy?

Should you have any issues with the quality of the carpet clean, please advise us within a week and we are happy to rectify any problems as per our terms and conditions.

Is your staff insured?

Don’t worry, Carpet Cleaning Kings is fully insured!

Do you move furniture?

For the best results, you should move as much furniture as possible; this allows us to clean from wall to wall.
If you are vacating a property you should arrange to have the carpet cleaned after all the furniture has been removed.
If you are not vacating the property, we understand that it is not always practical or possible to remove all the furniture, but we recommend the following:

  • All small items are picked up and removed, e.g. toys, shoes etc.
  • All personal items and breakables to be moved.
  • All curtains are tucked away from the carpet.
  • All bedding is tucked away from the carpet.
  • If beds are on rollers, we will push them back and forward; if not we will go as far underneath them as possible
  • We will clean around heavy items such as TV cabinets

We do not allow enough time to move every customer’s furniture. However, as a matter of courtesy and as long as the request is reasonable and not too time-consuming, we are happy to shift one or two things here or there to help, particularly if the customer is unable to do it themselves.
Please remember the technician will be on his own and he will have to refuse to move anything that could cause him injury, or any request that is deemed unreasonable.
If large amounts of furniture need to be moved, this will need to be prearranged and there will be a charge.

Do you charge for parking?

We will require to be able to park to complete every job. We have not included the cost of parking into our prices so if there is a hefty parking fee because no parking onsite is available this cost will be passed onto you as the client should you wish to use our cleaning services.

Will this satisfy my real estate requirements?

Yes, we will provide you with sufficient receipts to provide to your real estate agent and in fact, we are the preferred carpet, tile and upholstery cleaners for many real estate agencies across Melbourne, Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Ipswich.


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