Above Surface Treatment

urine pet stain removal for carpets

Our top surface treatment for Urine, removal is guaranteed to improve a urine odour problem. However, as we are not lifting the carpet to treat all affected areas accurately, we cannot be sure that it will completely remove the entire issue.

We offer this service because we understand that sometimes urine problems are a minor problem and it can be much costlier to remove and replace the carpet as we recommend for a full-service solution. With this treatment, we soak the carpet with a urine neutralising solution and bacteria treatment in the hope that it soaks down into the affected areas to break up all the salt crystals and digest any bacteria. After some dwelling time the carpet is agitated, and then our high-powered machinery will flush the chemicals further into the carpet, rinsing out the urine which is then extracted with our high-powered vacuum. Carpets are then cleaned, treated with an antimicrobial chemical, neutralised and deodorised.

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Our Above Surface Treatment Cleaning Process


Flood the carpet areas with a urine neutralising solution.


Flood the carpet areas with an antimicrobial chemical to digest the bacteria.
urine neutraliser stain removal


Agitate the carpet to break up all the salt deposits.

scrubbing a urine stain


Flush out the carpet with hot water extraction steam cleaning.
water claw in use


Clean the carpet with hot water extraction steam cleaning.


The carpet is treated with an antimicrobial chemical.
killing germs antibacterial treatment


The carpet is neutralised.
acid cleaning akaline cleaning


The carpet is deodorised.
Carpet Cleaning Kings deodorising carpets

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