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Dirty carpets can be very irritating particularly when it is already causing troubles to your household. A filthy feel and stinky home because of a dirty carpet are more than enough to annoy you, right? But that’s not all for unmaintained carpets may also cause some serious health problems to you and your family later on. Skin allergies and respiratory-related health issues are just two of many illnesses that a dirty carpet may cause. These are the very reasons why keeping a dirty carpet installed in your home is a big NO!Cleaning your carpet is no sweat. But keeping it safe is the real challenge. You can clean the outer part of your carpet on your own, but the real problem is hiding beneath your carpet and cleaning it entirely on your own is almost close to impossible. What you need, to assure that your carpet is not only clean but also safe for everyone in your household is a professional carpet cleaning. And we are glad to inform you that the excellent carpet cleaning service of Carpet Cleaning Kings is available in Tallebudgera!Carpet Cleaning Kings is a well-known carpet cleaning service provider located in Brisbane and been cleaning the carpets of its suburbs for almost 5-years now. With years of carpet cleaning experience under our belt, we are confident to claim that carpet cleaning is indeed our expertise! Our team is composed of carpet technicians who are all well-trained and skilled to perform their tasks the safest and most efficient way possible! They are also equipped with top of the line gears and products required for carpet cleaning. Admittedly, our team is the one to call when you are in need of an excellent carpet cleaning service!So, if you are looking for a reliable carpet cleaner in Tallebudgera, Carpet Cleaning Kings, the best one in Gold Coast, is the one to call!

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Try our Heavy Duty Clean Package

We are aware of the fact that the different needs and wants of clients affect their decision making when availing carpet cleaning service. That is why we designed four different types of carpet cleaning packages. And one of these packages is the Heavy Duty Clean Package.

Heavy Duty Clean Package is ideal for carpets which are heavily soiled and in need of a much in-depth carpet cleaning. It is a 9-step process carpet cleaning method that includes carpet agitation using a rotary scrubbing. The scrubbing loosens the soiling of the carpet and making it easier to clean via hot water extraction steam cleaning. This method can surely give your carpets a superior clean!

To be more informed about our different packages, please feel free to visit the Residential Carpet Cleaning page of our official website.

We also offer water damage restoration

Besides carpet cleaning, we also excel in delivering water damage restoration service. Our water damage technicians are all trained, equipped and prepared to assist you with any water damage problems promptly!

All our services are available in Tallebudgera and the entire Gold Coast. For bookings and more information, please call 1300 700 075.

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