What is strip and seal?

c27Vinyl and terrazzo floors are coated with a sealant that provides protection against scratches and general wear, while also aides with cleaning and maintenance processes.

Overtime, due to constant traffic, the sealant wears thin and the floored area needs to be resurfaced.

The process of strip and sealing is the removing of the old sealer and applying new coats of sealer to the floor in several layers.

The purpose of the sealer is to safeguard the floor against scratches etc.

We use safe, good quality and fast-acting floor stripping solutions that are specifically designed for the removal of floor polishes and sealers from vinyl and terrazzo floors.

The stripper solution is applied onto the floor allowing sufficient time to soften the seal or polish.

The floor is scrubbed to remove the old layer(s) of sealer using a slow speed polisher and stripping pad.

The surface is then cleaned, “neutralised” (with a solution containing a PH neutralising additive) and dried, ready for the application of layers of a high quality sealer.

After applying multiple layers of sealer, we then buff the surface to produce an “as new” high gloss finish.


maxresdefaultHow often do I need to have my floor stripped and sealed

This depends on the area and how it is used. Commercial floors will usually require resealing every year or two, while with residential floors, its good to have them sealed every 3-10 years depending on foot traffic and use. It also depends on the quality of the sealer that is used and the way it has been applied. If you have the procedure professionally done you will get the most out of it and be saving time and money.

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