Upholstery Cleaning Services

Is your relationship with your couch or sofa the longest and most functional relationship you’ve ever had? Has it seen you through incredible highs, and the lowest of lows? Treat your favourite couch to a make-over, and keep it looking like new.

At Carpet Cleaning Kings, we specialise in upholstery cleaning and are trained in cleaning both commonly used fabrics and special fabrics.

We know the science behind healthy cleaning, and know the most appropriate methods to restore your lounge suites and dining chairs back to their former glory.


Carpet Cleaning Kings specialise in upholstery cleaning for:

Lounge chairs, dining chairs, sofa chairs, car seats, commercial office chairs, cinema chair cleaning, bar stools, additional pillow cleaning and even marine upholstery cleaning.

Our 6 Step Upholstery Cleaning Process

Our technicians use a 6 step cleaning process to give your family’s upholstery a deep down clean and fresh appearance.

Every step is designed to get your upholstery to look and feel beautiful, and stay cleaner for longer.

Step 1. Pre-inspection and dye migration.

We take care in making sure the fabric is colour fast and assess any tears or deterioration.

Step 2. Pre-vacuum.

Our technicians use a purpose designed hand piece on a powerful vacuum system to remove hairs and fine soil from the upholstery before cleaning.

Step 3. Pre-treatment

A cleaning agent is applied to the upholstery which assists breaking down the oils which accumulate from our skin and even the oil from your pets’ fur.

Step 4. Hand Scrub

In order to give your upholstery the best clean, we hand scrub the fabric with a horse hair brush or microfiber glove designed especially for cleaning upholstery.

Step 5. Extraction

Our powerful steam cleaning machines are then used to flush out the dirt and cleaning agents from your upholstery using extreme heat, our technicians perform extra drying passes for quick drying.

Step 6. Fabric Protection (optional)

We can apply an anti-soiling protector on the furniture after cleaning. This helps to repel the oils on the skin and helps the upholstery stay cleaner for longer!


Common Fabric types we service (but not limited to)upholstery-cleaning-carpet-cleaning-kings

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Polypropylene
  • Macro-suede.


Upholstery Cleaning Price Guide (Min fee $75)

* heavy soiling / stains may incur surcharge

Lounge Chair / Sofa $30 / Seat (Normal Fabric)
Additional Lounge Pillows $5 / Small Pillow $10 Medium Pillow $15 Large Pillow
Dining Chairs $8 / Seat Only $10 / Seat and Backing
Office Chairs $8 / Seat Only $15 / Seat and Backing
Car Seats $30 / Seat
Leather Cleaning (clean and condition) $55 / Seat

* For more information regarding leather cleaning click here.





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