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Tile and grout cleaning services

Carpet Cleaning Kings offers a tile and grout cleaning service that will ensure your floors shine like new. Our high-pressure cleaning system targets hard to reach grime and is more efficient than traditional methods such as mopping and scrubbing which can be time-consuming and ineffective, not to mention frustrating. Our tile and grout cleaning service is carried out by trained professionals and is available to both residential and commercial customers.

Why clean your tiles and grout?tile-grout-cleaning

Tiles are often overlooked during regular cleaning and neglected tiles can become dirty, dusty and mouldy, which then creates a breeding ground for bacteria. A professional clean will give you peace of mind knowing you have eliminated any potential health risks.
An intensive clean by our experienced team will also transform your tiled spaces, leaving your floors and walls sparkling. No matter how hard you mop and scrub, no bathroom looks pristine if the grout is stained and dirty. Another added benefit of having your tiles and grout professionally cleaned is that maintaining them will be much more manageable in the future.


Which rooms can be cleaned?

Whether the floor or wall tiles are ceramic or stone, you will benefit from our intensive cleaning methods. We can clean any tiled area on your property, from bathrooms, toilets and laundries to kitchens, living areas, outdoor patios and paved driveways.

The process

• Technicians will first inspect the tiled area and determine if any coatings have been previously applied to the tile or grout.

• Further inspection to determine whether the grout is sanded, un-sanded or epoxy.

• A cleaning agent is then applied to the surface and agitated using a high-pressure, steam rotary tool with dual rotating jets.

• At this step customers have the option to seal the grout.

• Surface is rinsed using a high-pressure hot water cleaning and extraction machine.

• Surface is dried with air movers and towels allowing the area to be used immediately after.


No matter the age of your tiles and grout, the team at Carpet Cleaning Kings can restore them and we guarantee our customers will be satisfied with the results.


Call us on 1300 700 075 for a free quote or book online.

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