Pests are unwanted creatures that create nuisance and cause damage to life and property. In order to take care of all your pest related problems, we, at Carpet Cleaning Kings, employ a cost-efficient, effective and eco-friendly approach in pest control. Get rid of unwanted pests in your office or home by having our pest management services at your disposal. Our fully trained technicians use safe application procedures and have the best solution for Silverfish, Fleas, Cockroaches, Rats, Carpet Beetles, Spiders, Mice and Ants.

At Carpet Cleaning Kings, we offer the best and affordable packages for the removal of pests. You can view our chart of prices both for ‘internal or external’ and ‘internal and external’. The prices that are featured on the website are for the standard-sized property. For larger properties, we may include an additional surcharge as per the technician’s assessment.

Book our pest management services today to enjoy a pest-free ambiance.


Carpet Cleaning Kings are dedicated to eradicating those unwanted pests in your home or office! There is a variety of packages available which offer specialised solutions in order to maintain and control a variety of pests.

Carpet Cleaning Kings understands that every case is different and our team strives to deliver tailor made solutions to your specific requirements.  This enables us to ensure that the problems associated with pests are eliminated. Some of these problems can include:  serious health problems, contamination of goods, and even damage to your building.

Some types of pests we are able to help maintain and control include:

  • Ants
  • Bed bugs
  • Birds
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Rats and mice
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Wasps
  • And Others

Benefits of choosing us?

  • All our technicians are fully trained and licensed in the use of pest management chemicals and safe application procedures.
  • Backed with years of experience within the industry.
  • We can help to eradicate and control a wide variety of pests.
  • Health and safety is always first.
  • We are able to combat even the toughest of infestations using a wide variety of pest management tactics.
  • We aim to use minimum amount of chemical products possible.
  • All work is guaranteed. If you have ANY problems with pests within the agreed service period we go back and fix it for free of charge!
  • Fully tailored maintenance plans available.

Our Services:

Residential pest management services

Residential pest control is critical to ensure a pest free environment for you and your family.  Let Carpet Cleaning Kings rid your home of unwanted pests. Whether you have an infestation in your home or you just want to be prepared that one doesn’t happen; we can help you look after that!

Unwanted pests can cause serious health issues, and many of them can even cause severe structural damage to your property. Pests will start gnawing on anything they can find while making themselves comfortable inside your home.  Unfortunately it doesn’t end there. Pests urinate and defecate on all surfaces they come into contact with including your floors and benches. They also carry diseases which they can spread to your family with devastating effects. These germs can make you extremely sick and can even cause life threatening illnesses.

We specifically tailor make pest management plans to suit you and your surrounding environment. Our services cater for a variety of individuals and homes. Carpet Cleaning Kings limits the use of toxic chemicals as Health and safety is paramount when inside your home.


Commercial pest management Services

While we are able to assist in all residential pest control situations. Carpet Cleaning Kings also offer ‘Commercial pest management services’ to a diverse range of businesses including Pubs and Bars, restaurants, take away shops, factories, warehouses, offices; all types of schools, shopping centres and even sporting stadiums to name but a few.

Unwanted pests inside your business can promote a negative influence on your staff, customers, stock and even equipment. Just think about the devastating effect a rodent under a table would have for your restaurant or bar! The hardest hit would be your bank balance! Let Carpet Cleaning Kings rid your premises of those uninvited guests so that your business isn’t harmed.

After an initial inspection our technicians will formulate specific maintenance and control plans in order to achieve maximum result with the least amount of disruption as possible within the business. It doesn’t matter what line of work you are in, our trained technicians will be able to devise a plan for you!


End of Lease Pest management services 

Carpet Cleaning Kings understand the last thing you want to be doing when exiting a property is worrying about the pest control of your former home. Let Carpet Cleaning Kings take the stress out of the process with our reliable and cost effective pest management solutions. We are able to assist with both end of lease control programs as well as flea treatments which maybe specified by your tenancy agreement. See our packages below.


Pest Management Prices

Services Internal or External Internal and External
Cockroach, Spiders and Silverfish

$ 77  

$ 99 

Flea Maintenance Dose

$ 77  

$ 99 

Cockroach, Spiders, Silverfish & Fleas

$ 99  

$ 121 

Infestation Treatment (require 2-3 Visits)

$ 220  

$ 330 

Rat Bait Treatment                          $35 / box  (Min 2 Boxes at each property)



» These prices are based on a standard sized property; larger properties may include an additional surcharge decided on by the technician.