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Leather cleaning is the best way to keep the life expectancy of your leather while retaining its attractive colour and freshness!

However when it comes to your leather, leather cleaning this is not often a priority for most owners, despite the fact that a leather lounge can be quite expensive.

Did you know that if your leather is not cleaned and conditioned regularly it can rot? But why does this happen?

Overtime the topcoat sealers on your surface will deteriorate and break down, this allows the leather to be exposed to harmful body sweats, acids and oils, drastically reducing the life expectancy of your leather.

Professional leather cleaning once or twice a year will help maintain the condition of the leather, keeping it supple and pigmented.


Benefits of cleaning your leather upholstery

1. Prevents damaging and soiling

Regular cleaning of your leather will not only remove the dirt and oil it has been exposed to overtime it will also protect your leather. Maintaining the condition and moisture balance is important to keep the leather supple and help prevent the absorption of dirt and oils.

2. Gets rid of stains, odors and allergens.

The overall look and feel of your leather furniture can last a life time with regular maintenance and cleaning. Leather cleaning will remove stains, prevent odours and allergens! Why not keep your leather furniture clean, fresh and sanitized.

3. Prolongs pigmentation

Much like carpet, the pigment in the leather can fade or become bleached overtime. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your leather furniture can remove pigment damaging oils which will prolong the life of your furniture. In fact leather cleaning is known to revitalize the colour of most leather materials.

4. Maximises comfort

How did you feel when you first sat on your brand new leather lounge? Surely it was much more pleasing and comfortable then sinking into a leather lounge that is cracked, sagged and feels old.
Keeping your leather furniture well maintained will prevent it looking wrinkled and deflated.
Regular maintenance such as wiping down your leather, using a leather protectors and keeping it out of direct sunlight can keep your furniture looking and feeling comfortable

5. Increases durability

One of the reasons we buy leather opposed to other materials is that its designed to last longer than other materials. Caring for your leather effectively will keep it strong, durable and looking great for significantly longer than uncared for furniture. Well looked after leather furniture will last a life time

6. Resale value

Buying leather furniture can be expensive. But because leather is designed to last a long time, well maintained leather can be sold with a good resale value. Why risk your leather lounge cracking and sagging?









What to Expect from our technician

    1. Pre-inspection of leather to ensure that the coating is intact. If the coating has been broken because of accumulation of dirt and by soiling, then it will have to be stripped, re-coloured and resealed.
    2. Pre-conditioning by applying Leather Cleaner
    3. Agitation to break down oils, body fats and soil. Agitation provides good results in readily used as well as stained areas.
    4. Rinsing with microfiber cloth to take away all the soil.
    5. Applying Leather Protection cream to provide a protective coating on the leather.



Carpet Cleaning Kings has experience to clean a number of different types of leather including:

  • Top Grain Leather
  • Finished Leather
  • Pigmented Leather
  • Corrected Grain Leather
  • Aniline leather


Types of leather we service

  • Car Seats
  • Leather Lounge
  • Dining Chairs
  • Leather bags
  • Office Chairs


For Leather Cleaning services in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide call the

Carpet Cleaning Kings.

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