Curtain cleaning is a commonly overlooked necessity. Regular maintenance can improve the life of your investment, the appearance of your living spaces and the health and well being of your family. Our team is available to clean your curtains on and off site. We offer all our Brisbane customers free onsite quotations, and at this time it can be determined the best course of action for the clean. Curtain steam cleaning offers a wide range of benefits such as the following:cleaning services brisbane

  • Targets general build up of dust and dirt
  • Treating and eliminating the growth of mould and/or bacteria
  • Allowing a fresh atmosphere throughout your home
  • Overall improved appearance
  • Maximises the life of your investment

Curtain Cleaning Price Guide (Min fee $110)

  Drop    $30 / Drop    Mould/Bacteria Treatment   $5 / additional per drop
  Pelmet   $30 / Pelmet   Heavy Stain Treatment   $5/ additional per drop
  • Each new set of curtains are priced as a new drop. If a wide drop exceeds 1.2 metres, they will be priced according to those specifications.
  • The length of the drop is not important to determining price.