Please find our recommended commercial carpet cleaning guidelines as to how often your carpet should be cleaned.



Traffic Soil Rating Vacuum and/or pile lift entrance level Vacuum and/or pile lift other floods Spot Cleaning Interim Maintenance System Cleaning Deep cleaning

 Daily vacuum

2-3x weekly vacuum

Daily or as needed

1-2x annually soil-prone areas as needed

1-2x annually. Monthly in soil-prone areas


Daily vacuum and/or pile lift

daily vacuum and/or pile lift

Daily or as needed

1-3x annually soil-prone areas as needed

2-4x annually. Bi-weekly in soil prone areas


Daily vacuum and/or pile lift 2x daily in traffic areas

daily vacuum and/or pile lift

Daily or as needed

3-4x annually soil-prone areas particular

2-6x annually. Weekly in soil prone areas


A customised commercial carpet cleaning program consists of 5 elements:

Soil Prevention – Isolation or containment of soil by proper mat placement and interior and exterior hard surface cleaning.
Routine Vacuuming – Scheduled frequency for removal of dry soil
Spot and Spill Removal – Attending to problems as soon as they arise
Interim Maintenance Cleaning – Scheduled cleaning to all heavy traffic areas
Deep Cleaning – A thorough clean using hot water extraction steam cleaning


1. Soil Prevention
Preventing the transfer of soil is one of the best and most cost effective methods to keep your carpets looking great and preventing damage.
Preventive measures consist of:

a. The use of mats – it is important to use both outdoor and indoor mats to keep dirt entering or spreading through the building.

Outdoor mats should be capable of scraping debris and have the capability to hold that material.

Inside mats should remove smaller particles of dirt, oils and liquids.

Mats that extend for 6-15 feet inside an entrance way will trap 80% of soil and moisture from the first 5 or 6 steps. Protective mats should beused around food stations, water coolers, elevators and stairs.

commercial-carpet-cleaning-brisbane brisbane

b. Keeping Parking lots, sidewalks and entrances clean – regular hard surface cleaning will cut down the tracking of debris.

c. Replace air filters and inspect air ducts for build-up of contaminants –


2. Routine Vacuuming
Routine vacuuming is the removal of dry soil to the carpet. Vacuuming regularly prevents the build-up of soil and minimises the impact on the carpets appearance and lifts the pile of the carpet. It is recommended that carpet be cleaned on a daily basis however different levels of traffic and soiling can determine vacuuming and pile lifting frequencies.

3. Spot and Stain removal
The longer that a spot or stain remains on the carpet, the greater the potential for permanent staining. Carpet Cleaning Kings recommends a timely response to ensure best results.


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4. Interim Maintenance Cleaningcommercial-carpet-cleaning
Interim maintenance cleaning is cleaning for appearance improvement, which can postpone or limit the need for a deep clean. Carpet Cleaning Kings uses the encapsulation cleaning process for our interim maintenance cleaning contacts.

commercial-carpet-cleaning-brisbane-encapsulationEncapsulation is a highly efficient, very low moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning method, recommended for light soiled carpet and used as an interim between restorative cleaning. It leaves your carpet clean, fresh and quick to dry – allowing you to walk on within minutes!





5. Deep Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning Kings uses hot water extraction steam cleaning when required to complete a deep clean of commercial carpet. Deep cleaning is used to clean the carpet to a relatively clean condition and uses systems that extract soils and cleaning residues at a higher intensity to maximize results. Frequencies of deep cleaning depends on effectiveness of maintenance, traffic intensity or manufacturers requirements.

Hot water extraction steam cleaning is Carpet Cleaning Kings preferred method of cleaning and guarantees best results!

One of the most beneficial features of deep cleaning is its capability of removing deep down soils.


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