Carpet Cleaning Kings understands the carpet in your home is a large investment and stains can be very distressing. You need confidence that the cleaner you choose has the experience, knowledge and ability to deal with stains effectively. Although all our technicians are trained in targets spot removal, not all stains can be removed. In this case, carpet spot dyeing can become necessary.

For example bleaching agents, pet urine, acne treatments and some cleaning products can change the chemical composition of fibres permanently removing the colour from the carpet leading to unsightly faded spots which cannot be cleaned out. In these situations, Carpet Cleaning Kings is able to restore these spots using carpet dyeing and colour restoration. Our technicians have the expertise to provide you with great results and a cost effective solution to an otherwise permanent problem.

Our Technicians are experts in Colour repair and restoration and can perform a variety of colour repairs including those arising from common colour loss causes such as:

-Bleach Marks


-Pet stains and discoloration

Carpet Cleaning Kings Remove Bleach Stains From the Carpet