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Why It’s Best To Clean Your Rugs Professionally

You may be considering cleaning your rugs yourself, after all there are plenty of tips on the internet giving you all the information you need. However despite this, cleaning your rug yourself will simply not give the same results as using a professional carpet cleaning company.

Area rugs endure heavy traffic day in, day out and this results in them collecting dirt, allergens, stains, and more besides. Although frequent vacuuming and spot cleaning may help, it’s important to have a skilled technician carry out more comprehensive maintenance once in a while. Naturally the higher the level of foot traffic your […]

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How To Get Chewing Gum Out Of Your Carpet

If you’ve got kids then you’ve probably found chewed gum in a variety of places as well as your carpets. Removing gum from your carpet is one of those tasks that gets harder the longer you leave it for the fact that the gum dries and hardens. However, we’ve put together a variety of methods to help you but please remember that if the gum is left on the carpet and gets trodden on, then the further it sinks into the fibres, making it even more difficult to remove. So as soon as you see gum stop and remove […]

Common Carpet Cleaning Myths Uncovered

Investing in quality carpet for your home can make a large dent in your wallet which is why it’s worth taking good care of it from the outset in order to keep it looking fresh and clean and to help it last longer. The thing is, there are so many myths circulating about carpet cleaning which is why we thought we’d take this opportunity of uncovering them and telling you the truth.
Myth 1 – If my carpet is only a year old then it can’t possibly want cleaning
The fact is that many people think that their carpet doesn’t need […]

Essential Carpet Cleaning Tips For Berber and Frieze Carpets

Aside from regular vacuuming there will be times when you need to address the matter of carpet cleaning in order to keep it looking great and prolong its shelf life. While moisture is easily absorbed by your carpet leaving it looking less than perfect, dirt particles can also be ground in, causing wear and tear to your carpet fibres. The issue is that all carpets are not the same and proper cleaning requires differing practices, depending upon your carpet type. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at two of the most popular, Berber and Frieze.
Berber carpet […]

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Leather Furniture Care Using 5 Top Tips

Let’s face it real leather furniture doesn’t come cheap and for this reason you’d probably want to do everything you can to keep it in good condition and to protect your investment. The good news is that with proper leather furniture care it can look as good as new for many years to come. Without further ado, here are a selection of things you can do to maintain your furniture.
Don’t let stains sit
Although leather furniture is considered harder to stain than it’s fabric counterpart they can still cause problems, particularly if left. Just like you would a carpet, any […]

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