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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Can My Carpet Be Saved After Water Damage?

Suffering a flood to your home is a traumatic experience and unfortunately one of the main casualties is your carpet. Once it’s totally wet through, then it could be that both it and the pad beneath may need replacing, which is an added expense that most homeowners could do without. In the case of severe flooding either from natural causes or a broken pipe, many people think that there is no chance of saving their carpet. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Read on to find out more about 3 different types of water damage and how it could […]

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The Hidden Dangers Of DIY Carpet Cleaning

There’s something about a newly cleaned carpet that makes it appear so welcoming. Perhaps it’s that lovely fresh smell or the soft feel underfoot. Whatever the reason most of us would agree that a clean carpet just makes everyone feel better.

Perhaps you’ve thought about cleaning your carpets yourself after all you’ve probably seen plenty of adverts stating that you can hire a carpet cleaning machine will make your carpet look like new and is really easy to use, too. Good idea, you may think. I’ll go and hire a machine and get the job done this weekend.

So, […]

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5 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Clean Your Tiles

With Brisbane in the midst of spring perhaps your thoughts have turned to spring cleaning your home. General cleaning is simple enough to do but when it comes to carpets and tiles it’s often best to bring in the professionals. Household grime and dirt can quickly build up onto your tiles and grout almost without you noticing it, and while you may be tempted to tackle the job yourself to save money, you may find this is false economy and that you end up disappointed with the results. If your tiles have lost their sparkle and don’t look as […]

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