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Monthly Archives: August 2017

How To Prepare For Professional Carpet Cleaning

A carpet adds warmth and character to a living room or bedroom but over time the fibres wear down in high traffic areas and stains can mar its appearance. If you’ve hired a professional cleaner to come to your home to clean your carpet then here a few ways to prepare:

Vacuum your floors
Although the professsionals will run a vacuum over your carpet before they clean it and remove any dirt and stains, it’s still a good idea to get rid of pet hairs, crumbs and dust before they arrive by running the vacuum over it yourself. This also means […]

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Isn’t It Time You Had Your Aircon System Cleaned?

It might sound like an unnecessary chore to clean your air conditioning unit, after all as long as it’s cooling your house in the spring and summer months, that’s OK isn’t it? Well, actually no. Cleaning your aircon unit has a number of health and monetary benefits, both for you and your family. So let’s take a closer look:

1. Improved efficiency
You’ll notice a marked improvement in the efficiency of your aircon unit since cleaning away the dust and debris that has accumulated on your unit, reduces the stress and pressure of operating within dirty conditions. Your unit has to […]

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Discover The Benefits Of Curtain Steam Cleaning

If your curtains are looking a little worse for wear then you might want to consider curtain steam cleaning. Besides complementing your windows and décor, curtains prevent dust and allergens from entering your home. However in order to keep them looking fresh and attractive and to stop dirt from accumulating on them, it’s important to have them cleaned regularly.
We recommend curtain steam cleaning so let’s take a look at some of the benefits associated with this procedure.

High quality cleaning – Steam cleaners will free your curtain from allergens and kill any mites that may be present. Dust mites […]

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Teflon – What It Is and How It Protects Your Carpets and Upholstery

If you’ve ever used Teflon for your carpets or upholstery then you’re probably aware that it’s designed as a preventative maintenance treatment treatment ….. or maybe not? These days many carpets come with the product already applied during the manufacturing process, and it probably helps to boost sales. The question is what exactly is Teflon, what does it do, and is it worth what you have to pay for it?
Teflon is intended to protect the fabric (i.e. carpet or upholstery) from stains penetrating through such as coffee or wine stains, tomato sauce, that kind of thing. The problem is […]

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Points To Consider When Choosing A New Carpet

Choosing a new carpet is exciting since it can totally transform your living space, remove odours which your old carpet may have been harbouring, and make you fall in love with your room once again. When you’re choosing carpet for your home or business, there are a few things to consider, so let’s take a look.

Overall appearance
Are you looking for a carpet with an interesting pattern to transform your space and be the focal point of your room? Or are you choosing a carpet to add warmth and functionality – in which case muted, soft shades may be the […]

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