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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Persian And Oriental Rugs – How To Clean Them At Home

Let’s face it Persian or Oriental rugs don’t come cheap. In fact some of the very best can be tens of thousands of dollars. While not every rug has to cost the same as a decent family car, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t lavish the same amount of care and attention on it. The fact is that a rug that’s well cared for not only looks great, it can last for many years longer than one that hasn’t been maintained. With this in mind, just how do you keep your Persian or Oriental rug in tip top condition […]

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Common Carpet Problems And How To Deal With Them

It’s fair to say that anyone who has carpet in their home or commercial premises, experiences common carpet problems from time to time. While they’re usually easily fixed, most people aren’t aware of them. To help you identify the type of problem you may face, we’ve made a list of common problems that carpets can have. Do bear in mind that these are non-manufacture defects so without further ado, let’s dive straight in.
Carpet crushing and matting
Carpets which see high amounts of footfall or experience improper vacuuming or cleaning can develop this problem. Identifying signs are the unravelling of carpet […]

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Keep Your Carpets Looking Great And Lasting longer With These 8 Tips

A good quality carpet is worth it. Not only does it create a homely feel, it makes a room feel warm and complete. As it can be quite a big investment, it’s understandable that you’d want to keep it in tip top condition. The issue is that even with the normal wear and tear, your carpet can soon become a shadow of its former self. So how do you keep it looking great and lasting longer? Here are 8 top tips….
Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum!
In an ideal world carpets should be vacuumed daily. This is to prevent any dirt or dust […]

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Carpet Infestation – What is is and How to Cure it

If your carpet has become patchy in places it could be due to carpet infestation. Carpets can suffer from small areas of missing fibre, but it isn’t actually your carpet that’s disintegrating. Instead it’s a condition caused by the presence of carpet moths or  beetles.
So why do they like your carpet so much?
It isn’t just carpets. Moths or beetles are attracted to all natural fabrics, particularly silk and wool. They feed off natural keratin proteins contained within the fibres, so if you have a pure wool or silk carpet or even a wool-rich carpet, then your carpet could certainly become an […]

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Flooded Carpets
Spray Cockroahes and Fleas