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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Got A Frieze Carpet? – Learn Why It’s so Difficult To Clean

The term frieze carpet applies to any deep pile rug where the fibres are long and durable. While deep pile rugs are famed for being soft, luxurious, and comforting to walk on, they can be a nightmare to clean if you don’t know what you’re doing. Let’s take a closer look at why this is…
If you were to take a closer look at a frieze carpet you’d notice that this type of carpet contains long fibres which are naturally twisted. Not only this, but the fibres also lie on their side. This creates a hard-wearing carpet that’s designed to […]

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Ways to Avoid Mould On Your Carpets After Water Damage

Home floods are a horrible thing to happen and what’s more any sort of flooding or leaks from faulty pipes, can lead to the growth of harmful mould beneath your flooring. It really doesn’t take much water for mould to grow and cause a lot of damage. All it needs is a moist dark space and it can happily grow quickly. These situations create must the type of environment that mould and mildew can thrive in. It can be there without you knowing it, particularly in porous materials like carpets.
The best way to prevent mould from growing and spreading […]

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Curtain Cleaning – How Often Should It Be Done?

Although most people vacuum and clean their carpets on a regular basis, curtain cleaning is something that often tends to be overlooked. Curtains naturally attract odours and dust so in order to keep your house smelling and looking fresh and clean, regular curtain cleaning is essential.
The problem with curtains is that once you’ve hung them in place, it’s all too easy to forget about them until you suddenly notice that they’ve become a bit of an eyesore.
So how often should you clean your curtains?

General curtain cleaning
As with carpets it’s best to clean your curtains before they look really grimy […]

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How To Eradicate The Smell Of Pet Urine From Your Carpet

As a pet owner you already know how much your pet enriches your life. However accidents happen and when pets are young or are getting on in years they can’t always control where they go to the toilet. In some cases, your shag pile is often the first port of call. The problem is that pet urine has a really strong smell and no matter how much you scrub, that smell tends to linger. So just how do you get rid of any staining and scent from your carpet?
Act quickly
The important thing is to act quickly. First of all […]

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Flooded Carpets
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