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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Essential Carpet Cleaning Tips For Berber and Frieze Carpets

Aside from regular vacuuming there will be times when you need to address the matter of carpet cleaning in order to keep it looking great and prolong its shelf life. While moisture is easily absorbed by your carpet leaving it looking less than perfect, dirt particles can also be ground in, causing wear and tear to your carpet fibres. The issue is that all carpets are not the same and proper cleaning requires differing practices, depending upon your carpet type. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at two of the most popular, Berber and Frieze.
Berber carpet […]

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3 Of The Most Common Misconceptions About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to caring for your carpets most people do little more than vacuum their carpets, once a week if they’re lucky, and blot up the odd spillage. However, it’s this lack of care which can lead to harmful and potentially expensive consequences for your carpet. To help maintain the appearance and longevity of your carpet we’ve put together 3 of the most common misconceptions about commercial carpet cleaning.
1. My carpet was only purchased last year so it doesn’t yet need cleaning
One of the most common misconceptions in the commercial carpet cleaning industry is that your carpet […]

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So Just How Often Should You Have Your Upholstery Cleaned Anyhow?

While we clean our homes and even our carpets on a regular basis, we often forget one area, and that is to have our upholstery cleaned. Whether it’s a complete living room suite, a chaise lounge in a library or study area, or a love seat in the bedroom, all of these are usually upholstered pieces that need regular maintenance. However more often than not there are too many people who see their furniture as being dingy and dirty and will dispose of it or change it, when there’s nothing really wrong, whereas the furniture in question could look […]

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3 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

No matter how careful we are in our homes there are always going to be accidents where food or drink, or some other substance is dropped on to your carpet. Spot cleaning a carpet is something that most of us do all the time. From mopping up coffee spills to cleaning up after your pet has had an ‘accident’, a carpet certainly takes a beating. There are plenty of ways to remove common spills and stains but there are 3 thingsĀ carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid at all costs when cleaning your carpet.
You may think you know what not to […]

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Flooded Carpets
Spray Cockroahes and Fleas