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Monthly Archives: September 2016

What’s Lurking In Your Office Carpet?

To be honest, most of us don’t give a lot of thought to carpet cleaning unless something gets spilled on the carpet and stains it. Most times it’s a quick vacuum and everything’s alright. Unfortunately it isn’t quite that simple.
After the harsh winter months especially, an office carpet can really take a beating. Over time, dirt and dust gets brought in on employees’ shoes and repeatedly stepped on, breaking down your carpet’s fibres and making its replacement an earlier date than you had hoped for. In addition dirty carpets can lead to bad smells and conditions which aren’t exactly […]

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7 Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

If you’ve read any of our previous blogs you should be aware by now of the part that professional carpet cleaning plays in prolonging the life of your carpet. But you may just be wondering how to keep your carpets looking good in between professional cleans and how to tackle spills and stains.
Here’s 7 tips and tricks to help with stains and keep your carpets looking like new.

1. Always blot
If you’ve spilled something on your carpet then grab a clean cloth or paper towel and blot carefully from outside-in to take out as much of the moisture as possible. […]

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How to Save Flooded Carpets

There’s nothing worse than arriving home to find that your house has suffered a flood, either from water leaking through a ceiling, your washing machine emptying out, or a hot water heater has busted and sent water all over your carpets. Either way saving flooded carpets is a serious issue.

Act fast
Try and remain calm, but at the same time you need to get straight to work on the wet carpet for a number of reasons. As well as preventing mould, drying out your carpet will help to save it. The longer that your carpet is wet the less chance […]

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What’s Lurking In Your Lounge Carpet? – A Reality Check

Even though your favourite bedroom room or lounge carpet might look clean, the reality is that it probably won’t be. In fact your carpet is likely to be one of the most dirtiest places in your home. It’s a hotbed of pollen, dead skin, dust, pathogens and bacteria, not to mention the odd microscopic bug.
While it’s fair to say that a dirty lounge carpet isn’t necessarily a life threatening situation, for the more vulnerable such as the elderly or sick or indeed infants, your carpet (or rather what lies beneath) could be the main cause of respiratory issues or alternatively could easily […]

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Flooded Carpets
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