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Monthly Archives: June 2016

How To Preserve Your Fine Area Rugs Using 4 Easy Tips

Even if your home is bedecked with hardwood flooring, chances are that you have a number of area rugs. They can add softness, warmth, and a subtle splash of colour that can effortlessly lift a room and create that wow factor. That said cleaning them can often be more challenging that standard wall-to-wall carpet, especially when (in the case of oriental style rugs) they’re of much finer quality. With this in mind, just how do you go about preserving your rug? Here are some simple tips you might want to adopt.

Adopt a ‘shoes off’ policy
Shoes can bring in vast […]

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What Difference Does Professional Mattress Cleaning Make?

Most of us wouldn’t dream of not washing our bedsheets regularly, with most people washing them at least every two weeks. However, for some reason many of us tend to forget the stains and marks which appear on a mattress over time, preferring to keep them hidden away beneath a mattress protector. The thing is a third of our lives are spent on a mattress and yet most people have no idea how unhealthy their mattress can actually be.

Perfect breeding environment for mites
The majority of our customers know that their carpets should be cleaned about once a year but […]

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Carpet Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

If you own a pet such as a dog or a cat, then it’s quite likely that at some time or another they’ve had an ‘accident’ on the floor. A tiled floor is easy to clean but when it comes to your favourite rug or your bedroom carpet, the carpet cleaning process can be more difficult. Quality cleaning equipment is necessary to restore a badly soiled carpet to its original gleaming condition and a commercial hot water cleaning unit works well to remove the bacteria that is associated with urine and faeces.
Naturally you can’t always call out a professional […]

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Preventing Carpet Mould After Water Damage Using 6 Key Steps

Carpet mould is a big problem for water damaged carpets. Not only is it unsightly and smelly, it can also cause respiratory issues in young children and/or the elderly, or those with problematic breathing conditions such as asthma. The trouble is that it doesn’t take much water to kick start carpet mould. In fact a touch of dampness and a dark space is all it needs to grow rapidly.
The other issue is that in porous material such as carpet and carpet padding, you mightn’t even know it’s there until it’s too late and your carpet is ruined. With this […]

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How Often Should You Clean Your Commercial Carpet?

Let’s face it, in business first impressions count and that includes your carpets. After all you wouldn’t want to be meeting a potential client at your office for the first time only for them to be confronted by a badly stained carpet as soon as they walk through the door. Therefore this poses a question… Just how often should you look to clean your commercial carpet?
Firstly, here’s the short answer:
You probably need to schedule your commercial carpet cleans frequently enough so as to avoid any dirt or dust building up, as well as related problems that can occur without […]

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Flooded Carpets
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