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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Struggling To Remove Pet stains And Hair From Your Carpets?

We all love our furry friends but unfortunately there may be times when they have an accident on your carpet. If this has happened to you then you’re probably only too aware that no matter how hard you try to remove pet stains, the smell seems to linger. In fact you may have noticed that the smell actually gets worse when the weather is warm.
Old smell remains
One of the most common problems for pet owners is that of removing the stain completely. Not only does this entail removing the stain from the top of the carpet but it also […]

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Two Reasons Why A Wet Carpet Is A Big Deal

Carpets are usually hardy items. They have to be to be able to withstand being walked on, having dirt and mud ground into them, or having food or drink spilled on them on a regular basis. This is an occupational hazard for a carpet and as a result most of them won’t be any the worse for wear because of it. That is provided that they’re cleaned regularly of course.
Having said that, there is one thing that is likely to be problematic for even the most hardiest of carpets and that’s water. Just to make it clear, we’re not […]

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3 Important Factors To Take Into Consideration When Spot Cleaning Your Carpet

Anyone that has children will know that food, drink, and carpets don’t mix. From tomato sauce to orange juice parents will be only too aware that carpet spills are an everyday hazard. That said we can’t really lay all the blame at the feet of our kids. What about that glass of red wine you accidentally knocked over, or that 12 inch deep crust pizza that took a tumble when you got over excited because your team scored an amazing goal?
The bottom line is that accidents happen and unfortunately more often than not, it’s your carpet that catches the […]

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Why Carpets Need to Be Kept Clean

Let’s face it, carpets not only provide a certain level of luxury and warmth in a property but also offer the sort of underfoot comfort that no other type of flooring has. It’s no wonder then that carpets continue to be a highly popular choice of flooring. That said, just like any type of flooring it needs to be kept clean, not just for aesthetic purposes but for health reasons too.
Regular vacuuming
Regular vacuuming is by far the best way to keep a carpet clean and when it comes to how often this should occur, it does depend on the […]

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Flooded Carpets
Spray Cockroahes and Fleas