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Monthly Archives: March 2014

How To Clean Your Floor Rug

Let’s face it, floor rugs are open to abuse! They get stepped on or crushed by heavy furniture, they get slept on by pets and they get all manner of liquids and foods spilt on them. As a result, no matter how careful you are, it isn’t going to take long before your once pristine rug is looking somewhat worse for wear. So how do you go about cleaning it? Here are some pointers.

For basic dirt and dust

I doubt that this is going to be a revelation but for routine maintenance, a simple going over with a vacuum cleaner […]

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4 Important Steps To Take When Dealing With Flood Damaged Carpets

Flood damage can often strike at any time and when it does it can be devastating to your home, furnishings and belongings, particularly your carpets. The good thing is that most carpets can be saved. However (and this is a big caveat) the longer it’s exposed to, or is under water, the less chance there is of restoration. So if you’ve arrived home after a holiday or long weekend away to find your carpets under water then chances are that it can’t be saved. Mould and mildrew spores are continually present in the air and as a result can […]

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Give your Home the Royal Treatment

Give your Home the Royal Treatment
Carpet Cleaning Kings: We are a well established carpet cleaning company based in Brisbane, Queensland. We truly believe that your home is no lesser than a castle to you and it should be given royal treatment. We provide you with eco-friendly services which are designed to save energy and water. Our services help improve the indoor air quality while having very little impact on the environment. We believe in nothing but the best and chose only the latest equipment and the best products to deliver our services to you.

We know […]

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Flooded Carpets
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